An irritating novel

’48 Hours’ – J Jackson Bentley


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48 Hours – J Jackson Bentley

“If you don’t pay me £250,000.00 in the next 48 Hours you will die”. The text on Josh Hammond’s BlackBerry was blunt and chilling. Surely it must be a joke, but when Josh is attacked in broad daylight and people around him start to die he knows that his blackmailer is deadly serious. Can Josh raise the money, can his attractive new bodyguard protect him, who is blackmailing him and why? He has 48 hours to find out. 

Don’t be fooled by the title: ’48 Hours’ doesn’t minutely focus on the 48 hours that Josh Hammond suffers after receiving a text message blackmailing him for a quarter of a million pounds, like a series of ’24’. No, the large focus of this book is about trying to capture the villain and links made to other crimes that the blackmailer is committing. I did enjoy this element to the story as I felt this made it more interesting to read, but I did feel that it dragged on a fair bit towards the end.

I enjoyed piecing together the clues to the crime and as I don’t read many crime novels, congratulated myself when my predictions came true! But then some of my guesses were so obvious that I doubted the intelligence of the detective inspectors and this is where the novel started to irritate me.

The fact that the main character appears to sit in with the police investigations seems incredulous to me and Josh is treated like a qualified inspector at times.  True, he is the victim, but I found it hard to believe that this is how the police operate. Secondly the relationship between Josh and Dee seems farcical and its developments come across as an after thought to the plot. I would have preferred if the writer had focused more on the police investigation than Josh, his football interests, and lustings towards Dee.

This was an okay read . It passed the time and was quite good but I found the plot quite thin in places. I feel like my rating is a bit optimistic because it did annoy me a fair bit, but what I did enjoy is how the characters linked together over the crime.