Welcome to the indulgence of Civitas

‘Secrets of the Unaltered’ – Leti Del Mar


Secrets of the Unaltered - Leti Del Mar

Secrets of the Unaltered – Leti Del Mar

The fate of the entire Confederation rests on their shoulders.

Only they have what it takes to uncover the secrets that have imprisoned their land, but can they survive a truth more disturbing than they ever imagined?

Rose and Flynn have left the Land of the Unaltered on a mission to discover the truth behind who created the genetically engineered super army and stop it before the Rebellion is doomed. Time is ticking, but soon capital life begins to pull them in different directions. Flynn struggles to fit in with the self-indulgent and fashion obsessed populous while the expectations of Rose’s influential family tests their fragile and newly formed relationship. Will they let the capital pull them apart?

Everyone is counting on them, but in this time of discord, can they count on each other?

‘Secrets of the Unaltered’ is a Young Adult Dystopian Romance and is the second instalment of The Confederation Chronicles.

About the author:

Leti Del Mar

Leti Del Mar

Leti Del Mar lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, daughter and abnormally large cat. When she is not writing, reading, or blogging, she teaches Biology and Algebra to teenagers. Leti is also a classic film buff, is passionate about Art History and loves to travel.

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What a great follow on from ‘Land of the Unaltered’! Continuing straight on from the first book, Leti Del Mar keeps up the pace with the setting moving to the intriguing city of Civitas. This was a read I couldn’t put down and it was very easy to rate it five stars.

In my review of the first book, I noted how easy it was to imagine the craziness of Civitas from Rose’s descriptions. This time the story takes place in this city and the author’s descriptions were so vivid that it brought it alive in my imagination, leaving me hungry to find out more about this indulgent place. The intense desire to follow fashion (in this book it went from tangerine to turquoise and then to black and gold!) is quite believable based on how Del Mar has described the characters. We finally meet Rose’s mother and her friend Constantine and I just loved how different they are in comparison to Flynn and his upfront way of living back in Eureka.

Both Rose and Flynn find themselves being pulled in two directions as they settle in to life in Civitas. Whilst Rose is desperate to please her father, Flynn cannot forget the mission they are supposed to be completing and is keen to get home to a Eureka as soon as possible. The dual narrative once again allows the reader to be privy to both Rose and Flynn’s feelings, particularly as they feel themselves drifting apart because of the distractions that Civitas has to offer. However, what I found surprising was that the author causally does not include information about the characters which we do not follow, for example Flynn racing transportation in the afternoons, and this little extra detail I think would have added even more to the portrayal of life in this city.

The mystery that Rose and Flynn are working on deepens in this story and the romance definitely takes a back seat. The revelations that came throughout were mostly surprising to me and I really enjoyed the final showdowns leading up to the ball and then on to the end. Del Mar has definitely set readers up for an exciting conclusion and I can’t wait to read what happens next.

This is a great read and one I could easily imagine being turned in to a film. I really enjoyed reading about the city of Civitas and we are finally given that extra information about the great virus that caused society to change. There is a lot of scope to cover in the next story and it would appear that the other cities also get involved, so I am keen to see what role they play. I read ‘Secrets of the Unaltered’ in one day because it was so enjoyable and got me hooked so quickly. Bring on the next title!

This book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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