A thrilling conclusion

‘Taken by Choice’ – Jessica Frances


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Taken by Choice – Jessica Frances

They failed. They have been taken by P.A.G.E. again and this time Stan and Martha are prepared for them. They’ve made it impossible to escape. They have no choice but to stay in line and behave.

New friendships are made, relationships are put to the test and answers about their abilities are revealed.

Is it possible that they can still take down P.A.G.E. but this time trying from within?

Or will the choices they make endanger the future they were tasked with protecting?

Only time will tell. Unfortunately, it might mean having to give up everything for the chance of ending this once and for all.

Just like the other two books in the ‘Taken’ series, this final instalment is thrilling and fast-paced. I really enjoyed reading about how Zoe and her friends as they battle against P.A.G.E and I am pleased to say that there was a lot more action in this book, which is exactly what I hoped for after reading ‘Taken by Force’.

The focus of this novel broadens as Frances introduces other characters who have a special ability and this time they feature more in the action. I liked the diversity that this brought to the plot as I found it made it more interesting, particularly with how the plot develops. Also, the idea that Zoe and her friends are being prepared for special missions is finally realised in this book. For one, there are more intense training sessions, rather than it seeming like a elongated day at the gym. Secondly, Frances takes the action out of America for a mission in Scotland. I really enjoyed reading this, but wished that more could have been made from it.

Zoe’s dreams are really important to the story and the way that they are presented to the reader meant that you are always trying to calculate the truth behind her “fake” dreams. Presented in a non-linear fashion, it does not become clear until near the end of the novel what exactly Zoe was dreaming of and I thought the dreams provided a really clever insight into time after the story had concluded. This definitely added more depth to the story.

The relationship between Zoe and Charlie continues and at times I found it quite suffocating. Indeed, it did remind me of the intense feelings between Bella and Edward in ‘Twilight’ so I guess that this was just an added feature to the story. However, it was again quite sweet to see how protective Charlie is of Zoe and how he will do anything to keep her safe.

I really enjoyed reading this book and I think the series was great. This book concludes nicely and I felt very satisfied after reading it. Whilst it may be considered a teenage/new adult fiction, I definitely think plenty of other people will find enjoyment in this story. Personally, I feel that my only criticism would be that this seems to be just an e-book; I would love to have this physical book in my collection so I can revisit it again and again.

This book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.



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