The chase continues

‘Taken by Force’ – Jessica Frances


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Taken by Force – Jessica Frances

Eight months have passed since Zoe, Charlie, Will and Rose parted ways.

Eight months living on the run and starting new lives. 

But when Zoe has a dream and foresees trouble, she knows she needs to reunite them. Can she get to everyone in time? Or will it already be too late?

Even if they survive and escape again, they can’t stay on the run forever. There is no choice but to fight for their lives and try to bring down P.A.G.E. 

Is there a way they can get out of this alive?

Or will this be one fight they’ll lose?

I really enjoyed this second novel from the ‘Taken’ series. I tend to avoid reading books from the same series back-to-back for fear of losing interest, but ‘Taken by Force’ certainly didn’t have this affect on me and I once again couldn’t put it down.

Jessica Frances follows the same style as her previous book, whereby the first part of the story is narrated from four different perspectives as we catch up on their lives. I liked this because it meant that readers don’t miss out on any back story that has come from eight months passed from the end of the first book. Frances cleverly links the narratives together seamlessly so when it does move back to Zoe, it does not come across as a sudden jump.

Like in the first story, I found Zoe’s emotional instability a little irritating and wished she was a bit of a tougher character. However, the connection she has with Charlie remains sweet and I loved how protective he was over her. Indeed, the group dynamics do develop in this story so that they are like a family to one another, but I did find myself wanting a little more focus to go on Joel and his actions.

Readers are introduced to more characters who have special abilities and the glimpse we are provided with left me wanting more. I am sure they will play a bigger part in the final story and hope that all of these characters really have the opportunity to show off their abilities.

The plot continued to have many exciting twist and turns along the way which kept the pace up throughout. It didn’t take me long to read this book because I was enjoying it so much and wanted to find out what happened to the central characters. Despite this, I hope that the final book has more progress for the characters and what their goal is. As I mentioned in my review of the first book, this plot reminded me of a television series and I think to truly become an excellent read, the author needs to have a bit more action from the characters as they fight for their freedom.

I enjoyed the chase that continues in ‘Taken by Force’ and was not disappointed by this second book. I am really looking forward to reading the concluding story and am keen to know what happens next to the characters.

This book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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