‘RecruitZ’ book blitz

‘Recruitz’ (‘Afterworld series, book 1)  – Karice Bolton

(Publication date: 27th December 2013)

RecruitZ - Karice Bolton

RecruitZ – Karice Bolton

Scientists are the new rock stars. The infection has been contained for nearly three months, and the world is celebrating. But humans are still dying. Rebekah Taylor has seen it firsthand. Her husband was killed right in front of her by the very creatures that humans were told they no longer had to fear.

Rebekah is determined to find out who is responsible for the death of her husband and the obvious cover-up. Fueled with revenge, she begins to find answers that lead to one frightening conclusion. The apocalypse might be over, but the battles are just beginning.


Excerpt from the novel:

I gripped the console as I watched the twitches and spasms of the zombies’ movements closing in on us. They were everywhere…the grass, the sidewalk, the driveway. There was no mistaking the rotting, grey flesh that exposed the muscle and bone of the undead. They were something I’d run from countless times, but this time we had nowhere to run. The undead had us trapped. They would rip us to shreds in an instant.

“I think some of ‘em are new,” I said, turning my attention back to Gavin.

There were some clean-looking zombies staggering toward us, their flesh mostly intact. That made no sense. The outbreak had been contained for months. There should be no freshly infected roaming around. Everyone had been vaccinated. The only stragglers evading capture had been around awhile, so their bodies were beat up badly by the time they were caught. Not these.

“Let’s hope not,” he murmured, not bothering to look out the window to confirm nor deny my suspicions.

“We can’t run. They’d totally get us before we got away,” I said, hoping he’d correct me, tell me that we had a chance.

He didn’t.

He slammed his fist into the steering wheel and looked over at me. When the outbreak happened, we never looked back. We were always on the move, running from the disease that took our families and friends. That was the key to survival. Never stay in one place. Always stay on the move. Now we had nowhere to move. I glanced over at Gavin and saw the fear in his eyes. Even with everything we’d encountered, his eyes had never held this amount of terror.

“Babe, whatever happens…”

“Knock it off,” I said.

“We have nothing to fight them with, and a horde this size needs a distraction.”

“Don’t you dare,” I hissed, shaking my head. The fear was pulsing through me at an unstoppable rate. “We didn’t live through the outbreak to die now.”

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About the author:

Karice Bolton

Karice Bolton

Karice Bolton lives in the Pacific Northwest and is a writer of Young Adult and New Adult books. She loves to read anything and everything. She also enjoys baking, skiing, and spending time with her wonderful husband and two English bulldogs.

Books currently available:

‘The Camp’

Beyond Love Series:

‘Beyond Control’ (Book 1)

‘Beyond Control’ (Book 1)

‘Beyond Doubt’ (Book 2)

‘Beyond Reason’ (Book 3) – 28th Feb.

Afterworld Series:

‘RecruitZ’ (Book 1)

The Witch Avenue Series:

‘Lonely Souls’ (Book 1)

‘Altered Souls’ (Book 2)

‘Released Souls’ (Book 3)

‘Shattered Souls’ (Book 4)

The Watchers Trilogy:

‘Awakening’ (Book 1)

‘Legions’ (Book 2)

‘Cataclysm’ (Book 3)

‘Taken Novella’ (Watchers Prequel)

Karice would love if you stopped by her blog or Facebook page to find out the latest news on give-aways and upcoming releases, or you can just send her an email. She loves hearing from her readers and responds as soon as she can.

Author links:

Facebook / Twitter / Web / Goodreads


As part of this book promotion, Mrs Brown’s books is giving away one free ebook of ‘Recruitz’, courtesy of Xpresso book tours. To get in with a chance, simply comment on this post giving your name, email address and preferred format (ePub, Mobi, PDF). Good luck!


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