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‘Mini Shopaholic’ – Sophie Kinsella


Image courtesy of sophiekinsella.co.uk

Mini Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella

Like mother, like daughter…!

Shopaholic Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood)’s two-year-old is … spirited. She knows what she wants, whether it’s a grown-up Prada handbag or a toy pony (40% off, so a bargain, surely?) When yet another shopping trip turns to mayhem, Becky decides it’s time to give Minnie her own pocket money. Is it a bad sign when Minnie goes instantly overdrawn?

Minnie isn’t the only one in financial crisis. As the Bank of London collapses, people are having to Cut Back. Everyone needs cheering up, so what better way to do it than to throw a fabulous surprise party? A thrifty party, of course. Except economising and keeping a secret have never been Becky’s strong points …

Sophie Kinsella does not let down fans with this instalment to the ‘Shopaholic’ series. This is a great read in more ways than one, not just because it was great to read about Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood!) and her mishaps, but the comedy value throughout left me chuckling out loud whilst reading and telling my poor husband about what I had just read.

To be honest, before I started reading this book I was sceptical about how Kinsella could make this an original story, after all the ground she has covered in the previous Shopaholic books. But the charm and humour in this book wins you over as you read about Becky and her young, mischevious daughter, Minnie. And whilst it has been several years since I read the last Shopaholic, it does not feel that time has passed at all, with all the familiar faces back in the story: it was easy to pick up again where I left off.

The letters that Becky receives and the notes she writes still feature in this book and I think this is one of the things that I love about Kinsella as a writer. They give the book a bit of punchy humour and at the same time you are left wondering what Becky said in the original letter. This, I think, is a very clever technique that Kinsella uses and a subtle way to keep you hooked in the story. They add to the plot but at the same time provide a bit of quick humour, which is never a bad thing, in my opinion.

I don’t think I could ever get tired of reading about Becky Bloomwood and her Shopaholic adventures. Kinsella has once again pulled it off and the ending still managed to surprise me in places, even though I had guessed some of what was going to happen. I really fear that this is the end of the series but Kinsella does leave it open for another instalment. The question will be, how could she make it as entertaining to read? With ‘Mini Shopaholic’ Kinsella has ticked all of the boxes so if you have read the other books in the series, then you should definitely read this one as well – it would be criminal not to!


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