Takes a while to get going

‘Lies’ – Michael Grant


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Lies – Michael Grant

Tensions are growing in the FAYZ. The mutants are under attack. Food is scarce. Sam’s gone AWOL.

At night, a solitary figure roams the streets – the ghost of a boy with a whip hand, haunting the dreams of those he has tormented.

Then the town is deliberately set on fire… And through the flames, Sam sees the figure he dreads the most – Drake. But that’s impossible. Drake is dead.

So, the saga continues… I would say that this book has several sections. For The first 100 pages, nothing really happens. Seriously, the book is just “catching up” with the vast number of characters and the fall out from the climax of the previous novel. Then, the pace kicks up and it’s starts to pull you in. I was keen to know where the book would go and once the title ‘Lies’ becomes relevant to the theme of the story, was excited to see where Grant would take the story. The third part of the story, which happens to be the climax, was, like the first in the series, just a bit silly, but then it redeems itself with the final chapter as Grant ties up the loose ends.

Once again the character list does grow, but certainly not as much as the previous stories. I did find that once it had got going, the plot was more “concentrated” than previously and this was certainly lacking in the first novel, ‘Gone’. Indeed, there were a few surprises along the way and I do look forward to seeing how these develop later on.

The way that the kids of the FAYZ treat each other is still a little shocking and, whilst the warning on the back of the book that it contains scenes of violence made me chuckle, the thought that this is what the kids are capable of, is just terrifying. Yes, it is fiction, but I did find myself wondering whether this savagery is hidden in all of us; at what limits do we need to be pushed before such behaviours come to the surface? I hope that Grant does not continue with this shock-factor in the next novel. He has exposed to readers the savage behaviour from the children and whilst he needs to stay in keeping with the environment he has created, I’d like to see something more original in the next story.

I did generally enjoy this book, but found the climax is what ruined it for me. I am definitely keen to read the next book, particularly after the surprise revelations during the course of the novel. Not the greatest read, but one to pull off the shelf if the previous two in the series wetted your appetite.

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