Continuing the exciting pace from the first story

‘Insurgent’ – Veronica Roth


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Insurgent – Veronica Roth

Tris has survived a brutal attack on her former home and family. But she has paid a terrible price. Wracked by grief and guilt, she becomes even more reckless as she struggles to accept her new future.

Yet if Tris wants to uncover the truth about her world, she must be stronger than ever… because more shocking choices and sacrifices lie ahead.

I found this book even more exciting than the first and this time we are able to find out more about the different factions that have come to exist in society. Throughout the book Roth does give hints about the history of this new society and it wasn’t until the end of the novel does it become clear that this is going to be elaborated on in the final novel of the trilogy.

The book continues straight on from the last novel, so I recommend not leaving it too long to start this after finishing ‘Divergent’. We continue to follow Tris in her quest and there seems to be more of a focus on her thoughts and attitudes towards events and others. This is quite interesting although sometimes does get a little too much – at these points I wanted to see Tris just “getting on” with things. Indeed, quite a lot of time is spent on Tris and dealing with her grief from the first novel, and I don’t think it is until the end of ‘Insurgent’ that she has fully done so.

The plot has some surprising twist and turns and although at times it was a little predictable, the fantastical environment that has been created was a pleasure to read about. Indeed, the reader learns a bit more about what it is to be “divergent” and the exposure to the other factions gave the plot more depth and enjoyment. The whole idea of social control is still seen throughout the story and I like the perspective that Roth gives the different characters.

For a teenage fantasy novel, I found this really enjoyable. The novel finishes on a cliff hanger and I can’t wait to read on – once I have got my hands on the last in the series, that is. If you enjoyed the first book, then I would recommend definitely giving this your time to see what happens next to Tris.

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