The last in a trilogy that is not

‘City of Flowers’ – Mary Hoffman

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City of Flowers – Mary Hoffman

Sky doesn’t know it yet, but he is Stravagante: somebody who, with the help of a talisman, can travel in time and space to the parallel world of Talia. With his own talisman, Sky is transported to the Talian equivalent of Florence, Italy. He must beware though, for much in the City of Flowers that appears beautiful and ordered is in fact deadly. He is propelled directly into the midst of feuding battles between the rival di Chimici and Nucci families, who think nothing of sliding a knife between a man’s ribs for revenge. And as tempers are inflamed by the extravagantly orchestrated plans for a magnificent di Chimici wedding, Sky and his fellow Stravaganti need to do their utmost to avoid further bloodshed, safeguarding both the prosperity of the city and the personal safety of those they love. 

Since reading this book I have discovered that there are more than three books in the series. And I guess that there is scope for the story to continue beyond this third conclusion. This book continues almost straight away from the previous and the quick pace continues throughout.

I enjoyed reading this book but once again found the large number of characters confusing. This book introduces another new Stravagante and it is clear by this point that they are, in some ways, a social outcast in the present world. Again, this is set in a different part of Talia, but the plot still links back to the characters from the previous stories.

It was difficult to predict how the story would conclude because there were so many different aspects of the plot that needed to be tied up. I found this made the story all the more enjoyable and how it did eventually finish was completely unexpected. Knowing that there are more books in this series makes me curious to find out what happens to the characters and I look forward to getting my hands on them.

If, like me, you were slightly disappointed in ‘City of Stars’, this will restore your faith in the Stravaganza series. It is fast paced and with all the familiar characters from the previous novels, I found myself desperate to know how this adventure would conclude. It is great to know that the story has not finished and there are more adventures to follow in Talia.

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